How to Connect Sony Smart TV to Amazon Alexa

Connecting your new Sony Smart TV to Amazon Alexa is an easy task and takes little time. To be able to connect the TV to the Amazon Alexa app, just take the following steps. 

  1. Use the remote that came with the TV and press the HOME button. 
  2. Next, scroll down to the Apps prompt on the menu. 
  3. Once you have clicked on Apps, you will want to select TV Control Setup with Amazon Alexa app. (If your TV does not support the Amazon Alexa app, you will not find this option on the menu.)
  4. When you get to the set-up screen, you will need to click Next to continue. Then you simply follow the instructions that pop-up on the screen to complete the set-up process. 
  5. A Privacy Policy screen will pop up, you need to click on Agree for the installation to happen.
  6. Then a Login with Google screen will pop up. From here select Next. 
  7. You will need to sign in to your Google account or create a Google account and sign in to go on to the next step.
  8. Create your own easy to say TV name or select one from the choice options given.
  9. The last three steps must be completed with Alexa.
    1. Grab your phone and set up the Android TV Skill in the Alexa app.
    2. To link your account, you will need to pick the same Google account that you used in step 7. 
    3. Finally, ask Alexa to discover your devices.\
  10. You are now complete and can select Done to exit the setup. If you want to do something else, just ask Alexa what functions are available. 

List of Current Sony Smart TVs that Support Amazon Alexa 

Sony has a full line of smart TVs that support and are easily paired with Amazon Alexa. 

2020 TV Models – XBR-98SZ9G, XBR-77A9G, XBR-65X950G, XBR-65A8G, XBR-85Z9G, XBR-75X950G, XBR-65X850G, XBR-55X950G, XBR-85X950G, XBR-75850G, XBR-65X800G, XBR-55X850G, XBR-85X850G, XBR-75X800G, XBR-65A9G, XBR-55X800G, XBR-85X800H, XBR-75X800H, XBR-65X800H, XBR-55X800H, XBR-85X900H, XBR-75X900H, XBR-65A8H, XBR-55A8H, XBR-85X950H, XBR-75X950H, XBR-65X900H, XBR-55X900H, XBR-85Z8H, XBR-75Z8H, XBR-65X950H, XBR-55X950H, KD-85Z8H, KD-75Z8H, XBR-55A9G, XBR-55A8G, XBR-49X800G, XBR-43X800G, XBR-48A9S, XBR-43X800H, XBR-49X800H, and XBR-49X950H

2019 TV Models—XBR-98Z9G, XBR-77A9G, XBR-65X950G, XBR-65A8G, XBR-85Z9G, XBR-75X950G, XBR-65X850G, XBR-55X950G, XBR-85X950G, XBR-75X850G, XBR-65X800G, XBR-55X850G, XBR-85X850G, XBR-65X800G, XBR-55X850G, XBR-85X850G, XBR-75X800G, XBR-65A9G, XBR-55X800G, XBR-55A9G, XBR-55A8G, XBR-49X800G, and XBR-43X800G

2018 TV Models – XBR-85X900F, XBR-75X850F, XBR-65X850F, XBR-55X900F, XBR-85X850F, XBR-70X830F, XBR-65A9F, XBR-55A9F, XBR-75Z9F, XBR-65Z9F, XBR-65A8F, XBR-55A8F, XBR-75X900F, XBR-65X900F, XBR-60X830F, XBR-49X900F, KD-75X780F, KD-65X750F, KD-65X730F, KD-55X750F, and KD-55X720F

FAQ Related to the Sony Smart TV and Amazon Alexa

Can I turn on my TV with Alexa? 

Once you have Alexa connected to your smart TV, you will be able to turn on your TV with the voice command. This means that you will be able to turn your TV on and off just by using your voice.

Can Alexa control my Smart TV? 

Alexa can control the smart TVs that it can be installed on. You can use voice commands for the functions that you want to perform on your TV. Some of the commands that you can perform include adjusting the volume, changing the channel, and doing simple things like turning the TV on or off.

What can Alexa do with TV? 

There are many things that Alexa can do with your smart TV. The most popular is that you can use your voice to control your TV making it simple to do things like changing the channel or increasing/decreasing the volume. Also, some of these will allow you to switch between apps and to search for movies and/or content that you would like to see.

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